The Uniqueness of a Laguna Beach Single Level Home

by Gilda Duhs on June 14, 2012

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If you’ve ever been to the Laguna Beach area and have looked around at the real estate, you’ve probably seen that there is more on the market than ever. With a housing market that’s only just beginning to recover these days, it’s still easy to find the property you want at an affordable price. However, one type of home is commanding a premium price, even with the market’s current state. Laguna Beach single level homes are a rarity these days. Most listings are only available for two and three level homes.

What separates Laguna Niguel single level homes from the rest of the market is the sheer size of the property versus that of multi-level houses. While a multi-level house will usually only take up about ¼ of an acre, builders essentially needed to fit the same amount of bedrooms and bathrooms on one floor, which forces them to take up ½ an acre or more of the already valuable property in Laguna Beach. This can up the resale value of a home by as much as 40%.

Commanding this kind of premium price is nothing new for Laguna Niguel single level homes. Those who are aiming for retirement in the area are always looking to purchase a single level home, usually do to their physical condition. In fact, the number of people that request single level homes in the Laguna Niguel area is usually about 35% greater than those who have no preferred choice. This number, even through the housing market crash, has remained generally consistent over the last several years.

Additionally, the number of single level homes is simply a much smaller count than that of multi-level homes. Combine this with the demand for Laguna Beach single level homes, and you’ve got a price premium that could pay off big the next time you’re looking to make an investment in such a property.

This trend of high demand for single level housing is not expected to dissipate anytime soon. The simple pleasure of having a single level alone could make their value skyrocket. If you’re going to invest in a single level home, now would be the time to do it.


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