Oceanfront Homes

The only things in front of you are the sand and the ocean. The cool breeze blowing brings clean air as it brushes your face. You can hear the crashing of waves as they curl onto the shore. Faintly, you can taste the salt in the air. This is the definition of living in an oceanfront home.

Own the home you’ve always wanted, today priced at 50% of what it used to be.

I know you have always heard from real estate brokers that now is the time to buy, but what we know is that right now oceanfront house prices have been reduced by in some cases 50%. Laguna Beach oceanfront homes and homes in the surrounding coastal cities enjoy the distinction of being among the highest priced zip codes in the country. Historically, only a select few could afford such a luxury, but today, you have the opportunity to be a part of this elite group because prices of oceanfront homes have been reduced; in many cases, by over one million dollars. The prices are low but the value is there. The basic principal of supply and demand holds true here. There will always be a limited supply of Southern California oceanfront real estate resulting in perpetual demand. Additionally, interest rates remain extremely low. We know that prices and interest rates will increase, but we do not know when. Therefore, smart investors, like yourself, know that purchasing an oceanfront home while prices are low is best. Now is the time.

“Fortunes are not made in boom times… that is merely the collection period. Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times…”  (George Wood Bacon)

You need a local real estate expert.

I was born in Newport Beach, grew up in an oceanfront home in Corona del Mar, and moved to Laguna Beach where I graduated from Laguna Beach High School. My passion in real estate drove me to earn a B.S. in real estate finance from USC. I understand the oceanfront home market. You need a coastal specialist. Do you enjoy walking on the tide pools or riding the waves as a surfer? Not all beaches are the same. For example, Woods Cove beach in Laguna is not a beach for surfers; however, it is a quaint and romantic setting for a sunset picnic on the beach. I know the differences between the various beaches from Newport Beach to San Clemente. Many oceanfront homes rest on high bluffs with balconies thus if you have small children or large dogs I will personally direct you to the best oceanfront home to suit your needs.

This is what one of my clients, Bruce Lincoln, said about my services:

…She has successfully brokered three deals for me. She has consistently negotiated very favorable pricing for me, and has closed each transaction quickly and efficiently. More importantly, Gilda provides superb customer service. She continually keeps me abreast of the market and provides me with excellent advice on my current properties to maximize their value.

You’re busy, I understand. Your time is valuable and you do not want to work with an amateur. I am not going to send you every oceanfront home to view. That’s a waste of your time. I will hand select homes for you. You want to work with a local real estate professional that can get you into your home in the shortest time frame. I can meet that need.

Here is the next step. Call me at (949) 683-7232, email me at GDuhs@ColdwellBanker.com or fill out the info below and I will contact you.

I look forward to personally speaking with you.

Gilda Duhs

P.S. Because of my reputation in the area, I have a number of motivated sellers that do not have their homes openly listed on the market. I can share these sellers and homes with you after our initial conversation.

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