Laguna Niguel Real Estate 2014 Mortgage Forecast

by Gilda Duhs on January 2, 2014

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Coastal views real estate broker, Gilda Duhs sits down with mortgage banker Tony Ronan of Gold Star Mortgage to discuss what we can expect in the mortgage industry for 2014 and how this impacts you.

Here’s the transcript in case you missed anything in the video:

Gilda Duhs: “This is Gilda Duhs with Coldwell Banker, your coastal views real estate specialist. I’m sitting here with my trust mortgage banker Tony Ronan with Gold Star Mortgage. 2013 is coming to an end and I thought 2014, ‘What’s in store for us?’ So Tony, as we look into 2014 what are some things that you expect buyers and sellers to see in the mortgage market?”

Tony Ronan: “Great question. I think what’s on everyone’s mind is first and foremost: what’s going to happen with rates? The federal government has tapered its purchasing of the mortgage back securities which means that rates will creep up a little bit. But right now they are in the 4% which is historically low. It’s a great time to buy when you can get a rate of 4%. On the jumbo side, which is for loans over $625,000 the portfolio lenders are easing up on their lending guidelines. We are actually seeing HELOC combined with first mortgages that allow for somebody to purchase at the $1.5 million mark with only 15% down. So I see that there is going to be a lot of jumbo product moving this year.”

Gilda Duhs: “That’s great. Well that’s great news. That’s great news. Well if you have any other real estate questions or any other questions about mortgages, please give me, Gilda Duhs with Coldwell Banker, a call at 949-683-7232.”


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