How to Prevent a Slab Leak in a Dana Point Home

by Gilda Duhs on January 17, 2014

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How to Prevent a Slab Leak in a Dana Point Home

A slab leak is pressurized pumping or piping leakage, under or in concrete floors usually found in homes. It can be very annoying to see water under slabs and ceilings, swimming pools, and many more places. For all the residents of Dana Point homes facing the problem of slab leakage and don’t know how to go about it, here is your guide to why a slab leak happens, what the symptoms are and what the solution is.

What causes a slab leak

Now let us get to the root of why does a slab leak happen? A slab leak can happen due to the type of soil in Dana Point. Many pinhole leaks happen due the water reacting copper piping, poor installation etc

How to find a slab leak

An increasing water bill or wet spots in the yard are the first indicators of a leak in the slab. You can also have water running in the slab floor of your home. Finding the location of slab leak involves technical expertise and not breaking your slabs to look for one. Follow these steps to identify a slab leak:

1.)    Go to the shut-off valve which sends water to the house and shut it.

2.)    Then check the water meter. If the Leak Indicator/ dial (it is a small triangle or start on the face of the meter which if moving identifies a leak) in the water meter box are moving, then you probably have a water leak. The dials should not be activated or completely stopped since there is no water running in your house.

3.)    Similarly check the irrigation valve if you have one. Once shut off, if the needle in the water meter is still spinning, it shows you have a water leak.

4.)    Shut the hot water shut-off valve and check if the needle is spinning or not.

So here you can verify whether or not you have a slab leak, and if you do then where the source is.

What to do when you find a slab leak

There are various slab leak solution options:

1.)    Spot repair/ Direct Access: This is a term given for jack hammering up the floor. To repair a spot under the concrete you will need to jack hammer the floor and repair it. It is an economical method for homes in Dana Point.

2.)    Repipe or Reroute: In this you replace the line instead of only the spot that was damaged. This is good for systems which leak often and the piping system may be old too.

3.)    In-place pipe coating: If a pipe has intermittent leaks in the whole pipe, it is irrelevant and cost ineffective to jack hammer the slab, so instead the epoxy restoration method or pipe coating is used. It is considered to be the best effective solution.

A slab leak in a Dana Point home can be easily identified, repaired and also prevented by just following the above information.

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