Cutting Your Realtor’s Commission Will Cost You In the End

by Gilda Duhs on August 2, 2012

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What you pay is the value you get. Many sellers do not consider this when they ask a Laguna Beach real estate agent, “What is your fee?” With the state of the economy, sellers hope to cut as many costs as possible, but cutting your Realtor’s commission will cost you more in the end.

  1. If an agent takes a commission cut from the sale of your Laguna Beach home, they must compensate the income by doing more transactions. This increase in volume on their end results in less attention to your home: less time marketing to the public, less time marketing to other brokers, less attention to preparing your home for sale, and less time to negotiate for you.
  2. The longer your Laguna Beach home for sale sits on the market, the sooner your agent will feel the need to sell your home. This often means the agent resorts to asking you, the buyer, to do a price reduction.
  3. If your home has a discounted commission involved, buyer agents will not want to show your home to their clients. Reducing the number of potential buyers will statistically diminish the number of offers and restrict your power as the seller.
  4. Do you really want someone to be negotiating for you if they were willing to cut their own commission by 17%? What will that mean if they are managing the sale of your most valuable asset? If an agent is soft on their own commission, imagine what type of a negotiator they will be during the negotiation for your home. The agent will not be willing to fight for you if they are not even willing to fight for their own money.

Consider these points next time you think you want to cut the commission of your real estate agent. Remember, the real estate agent is on your side. They work diligently to help you earn the most for your home. Agents can produce excellent results when they are focused on your Laguna Beach home. If you would like to discover the value of your home, please contact Laguna Beach Realtor Gilda Duhs.

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